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4 May.2009

Gosier Beach Grand Terre Guadeloupe

New Retal Fee:
$39/Day :
(60 feet Clunk up Tower)

Electricity was temporary close till JAN. 2009.
Next door house constraction working,

30 NOV.2008

You can use call sign FG5BG for Contest.

 General information

DX shack has built in Basse-Terre Guadeloupe French West Indies.
Guadeloupe a department of France, is really two islands, Grand-Terre and Basse-Terre, separated by narrow channel.
Both parts are roughly equal in area but quite different in character and topography.
Basse-Terra is mountains and has the volcano of Soufriere in its national park, while Grande-Terre is flat and mostly agricultural.
Guadeloupe is well-known for its gastronomic delights, with fresh food flown daily from Paris.

You can see our ANT A4S/100 feet high from beach side.
Roseau Beach 2 minute walk from DX shack..

DXshack FG

Ground 50m x 50m
House 7m x7m
Reanta a car Opeal
Aluma Tower

How to use of DXshack FG F.W.I

We have DXshack FG (Guadeloupe F.W.I)

Facilities that radio equipments can be operated are put there

However, there can not be 100 % of operation guarantees which may have the time not to work fully when you use because it is a machine.
It is publishing installed radio facilities by the list and also the working report of the actual and recent last user, too, is reported.


Pleae ask to FG5BG price and anual Roo,radio and ANTs conditon.

Basic Room and Rig is TS930+C4XL ANT.Basic rental fee is $39/day

(Linear AMP is option $15/day and need tubs deposit fee $500).

Email to FG5BG. 

FG DXshackの利用について。

DXshack FGはHirooがタイで仕事中のため保守ができず、現在FG5BG ジョージが全てを管理しています。料金、機器の状態は直接彼へお問い合わせください。



基本料金は 部屋代金+Rig (TS930+C4XL) 料金は$39/日です。

注意:(AMP ha 持参してください。 またはAMPは追加料金$15/日です。ただし真空管 8874X3保証金$500です)

DX shack FG MGR. :
MR. Georges Santtalikan
FG5BG (He can speaks French,English,Spanish)
44 Rue Amedee Fengarol Brest F-97130 Capesterre Belle Eau F.W.I



Georges and his sons at DXshack.(2001)

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